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Showcase by Latinotype.

Latinotype did it again, the guys behind many lovely and relevant fonts of the past year, bring you:

Showcase, the new typeface of Daniel Hernandez and Paula Nazal is a handmade font consisting of a set of types that are composed of four styles, one script, one sans, a slab, sans mini and finally a set of ornaments and dingbats, all made to work together in the same language. It’s inspired by a pen that writes different typefaces and ornaments, and casually reaches into a harmonious family.

Showcase is very easy to use and allows great versatility, can be used both in a magazine as a restaurant, through windows, cafes, and really anyway you can think of!

Get this lovely font here:

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Best Fonts Released on February.

February was an active month for many typefoundries, like Latinotype which released 3 typefaces this month: Showcase (beautiful script font), Australis and Ride My Bike Serif. Ride My Bike Serif as the name says is a variant of the original Ride My Bike, it’s curious how this month other designers released variants of previous typefaces: Kermel Serif, Pacific Northwest, Lust Slim and Core Magic were examples of this trend on the month. Others designers decide to launch all the variants of a typeface at the same time, this is the case of the family Bandera (original, text and display), which by the way, was also released this month.

The Winners.

If we should choose 3 winners of the month for best typefaces (based on sales, aesthetics and personal taste), we go for this guys:

  1. Glober
  2. Showcase
  3. Campton

Here is the full list of the best fonts released on February, feel free to click on the name of the fonts to see full details (many of this fonts have introductory offers up to 90% off):

  1. Glober (90% off)
  2. Campton (84% off)
  3. Gloriola
  4. Showcase (80% off)
  5. Australis Pro Swash (50% off)
  6. Ride My Bike Serif (70% off)
  7. Samui Script (35% off)
  8. Streetscript Redux
  9. Liebedoris (30% off)
  10. Core Magic (40% off)
  11. Lust Slim (30% off)
  12. Koni Black
  13. Rufina (60% off)
  14. Ainslie (77% off)
  15. Minimo (80% off)
  16. Kermel Serif (50% off)
  17. Pacific Northwest Letters (50% off)
  18. Sparhawk (50% off)
  19. Shentox (30% off)
  20. Result
  21. PF Bague Sans Pro
  22. Lichtspiele (retropolis) (85% off)
  23. Neue Swarha Deco (50% off)
  24. Monia
  25. Bandera: Bandera, Text and Display (80% off)

If you want to see more lovely fonts and beautiful lettering visit: | Facebook | Twitter

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Bolt ending credits (via w0llie)

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Sally Field c. 1960s.

Sally Field c. 1960s.

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President Obama consoles Donovan Frazier, 5, whose egg ran off course during the the Easter Egg Race, April 1, 2013.


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Finn Juhl-

Got a bit excited when I saw this teaser image (first image) on the One collection website. I thought they had put the GORGEOUS Finn Juhl cabinet (second picture) back into production. Alas, they Haven’t. They have started producing the (only very slightly less gorgeous) FJ sideboard and have relaunched the Nyhavn desk with the addition of coloured drawers. Bootiful! (The wait continues…)

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The wilson house